Distance Learning for PAT Testing

£50.00 (GBP)
PAT Testing distance Learning

PAT Testing (Portable Appliance Testing) distance learning is an home study course for candidates who wish to complete the PAT Testing qualification. The course allows candidates to study at their own speed at home through reading the material and doing practice question provided by us. As well as materials and practice question candidates are required to purchase “Code of practice for in-service inspection and testing of electrical equipment” 4th edition book. This book will further ensure that students are given the required information in order to pass the examination.

The fees for the course is £50 which includes the material and practice questions.

Once the individuals have completed the course at home they would be required to come to our centre for the official examination which includes two exams practical and a theory. This exam is additional £150. It is based upon the students to decide which awarding body they would like to go for being EAL or City and Guilds.

Upon successfully completing the exams students will be able to carry out the PAT Testing and would get level 3 award. They can also do the management course for PAT Testing.

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