EAL Initial Verification , Testing and Certification course for Electrical Installations

£795.00 (GBP)

Course Introduction

This 4 day course in Inspection Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations is for practicing electrical professionals who carry out regular testing and inspecting as well as completing inspection reports. This course is approved by EAL ( 600/4337/4 ) equivalent to City and Guilds (2394) approved course which provides detailed technical tutoring in all aspects of the course.

Course StructureAssessment DetailsEntry Requirements

Course will cover following topics:

Introduction to Periodic Inspection & Testing
Training in the use of testing equipment
Order of Tests
Continuity of protective conductors
Insulation resistance tests
Polarity and Earth electrode tests
Earth fault loop impedance tests
RCD Tests
Recording of results
Exam preparation

The awarding body option available for the students for this qualification and their assessment methods are as follows:

EAL : Two Exams

1) Online Multiple choice Exam

2) Practical Assessment

There are no pre-requisites to enroll in this course however it is strongly recommended that candidates have a qualification in 17th edition 2382 or equivalent.

There are two books that are mandatory to complete this course, they are detailed below:

17th Edition wiring regulations, ISBN: 0750687193

Guidance Note 3, ISBN: 978-1-84919-275-0